Conference Participation

July 14, 2023

Conference Participation

A group of teachers at the College of Dentistry/University of Sulaimani participated in a ” IRAQI DENTAL SHOW ” conference in Baghdad from 14 – 15 JUL 2023.

Participants are:

Dr. Ranjdar Mahmood Osman Talabani 

Dr. Anwar Ahmad Amin

Dr. Aram Mohammed Hamad

Dr. Adham Ameen Abdulrahman

Dr. Hadi Mohammed Ismail

Dr. Sarhang Sarwat Gul – Sulaimani Polytechnique University




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April 17, 2024


بەشی ڕاستکردنەوەی ددان لە کۆلێژی پزیشکی ددان بە ھەماھەنگی لەگەل ھەمان بەش لە زانکۆی بەغداد یەکەمین کۆڕبەندی ڕاستکردنەوەی ددان ئەنجام دەدات لە عێراق وکوردستان، چاوەڕوانی پڕۆگرامی کۆڕبەندەکەبن


The Dental Rehabilitation Department of the Faculty of Dentisty in coordination with the same department at the University of Baghdad is conducting the first dental rehabilitation conference in Iraq and Kurdistan، waiting for the program.

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