About the scientific committee

The scientific committee of the College of dentistry university of sulaimani was established following a proposal presented by the late Prof. Dr. Nazar Talabani in 2008. Since then, the committee has been involved and supervised almost all the scientific activities and established the formal scientific journal of the college (Sulaumani Dental Journal).

The scientific committee consists of 5-7 members from the various preclinical and clinical departments. The committees members review and evaluate research projects’ scientific and ethical aspects. Also, the committee is concerned with supervising and following up on all scientific issues and activities of the college.

This committee aims to give clear guidelines for both under/postgraduate students and even teaching staff. Reviewing submitted research proposals and sending them to obtain ethical approval from the ethical committee/ college of medicine.

Reviewing of submitted research and research proposal to ensure that it is technically sound and meets ethical standard is one of the objectives of the committee.     

The following links are the list of important documents:


5th year Graduation Project Template 2022-2023

5th year Graduation Project 2022-2023 (Initial Assessment 20%)
5th year Graduation Project 2022-2023 (Final Assessment %30)
Thesis Template and Reference Style File
Scientific Research reward form
Guidelines for writing students literature review researches
Guidelines for Writing Scientific Research Proposal
Ethics Form

Research committee evaluation form
How to conduct a research paper
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