Looking forward for a cleaner environment

March 5, 2024

Looking forward for a cleaner environment


It’s commendable that the University of Sulaimani and the College of Dentistry are taking proactive measures to address smoking as a serious health issue by increasing non-smoking areas on campus. Encouraging teaching staff and students to adhere to these regulations is crucial for promoting a healthy environment. Considering vaping as smoking and dealing with it similarly is a responsible approach, as vaping can also have adverse health effects and contribute to a culture of nicotine addiction. By addressing vaping and smoking issues, our college and the university sends a clear message about the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of its community members. Consistently enforcing these regulations and ensuring consequences for non-compliance will help create a campus environment that supports the health and safety of all individuals. Additionally, providing resources for smoking cessation and promoting healthy alternatives can further support efforts to reduce smoking and vaping prevalence among students and staff.
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April 17, 2024

بەشی ڕاستکردنەوەی ددان لە کۆلێژی پزیشکی ددان بە ھەماھەنگی لەگەل ھەمان بەش لە زانکۆی بەغداد یەکەمین کۆڕبەندی ڕاستکردنەوەی ددان ئەنجام دەدات لە عێراق وکوردستان، چاوەڕوانی پڕۆگرامی کۆڕبەندەکەبن


The Dental Rehabilitation Department of the Faculty of Dentisty in coordination with the same department at the University of Baghdad is conducting the first dental rehabilitation conference in Iraq and Kurdistan، waiting for the program.

March 10, 2024

Scimago Ranking

کۆلێجی پزیشکیی ددان/ زانکۆی سلێمانی بە پێی دوایین ڕاپۆرتی ڕانکینی سایماگۆ کە بۆ ساڵی ٢٠٢٤ بڵاوی کردووەتەوە کۆلێجەکەمان توانی بە جیاوازی ٨٦ پلە پارێزگاری لە ڕیزبەندی دووەم بکات لەسەر ئاستی سەرجەم کۆلێجەکانی پزیشکیی ددان لەسەر ئاستی عێراق، واتە لە ساڵی ٢٠٢٣ کاتێک کۆلێج خاوەنی ڕێزبەندی دووەم بووە پلە بەندی ڕانکینەکەی ٧٤٣ بووە لەسەر ئاستی جیهان. بەڵام لە ساڵی ٢٠٢٤ هەمان ڕیزبەندی دووەمی هەبووە بە پلەبەندی ڕانکینی ٦٥٧ لە سەر ئاستی جیهان. بۆیە جێی خۆیەتی کە هەموومان شانازی بەم دەست کەوتە زانستییەوە بکەین. هەروەها پیرۆزباییەکی زۆر زۆر گەرم ئا ڕاستەی مامۆستا و فەرمانبەران و خوێندکارانی ئەزیزی کۆلێجەکەمان دەکەین چونکە ئەم دەستکەوتە بە هەوڵ و کۆششی ئێوەی بەڕێز هاتۆتەدی.
 پلانیشمان بۆ داهاتو هەنگاوی زۆر گەورەتر و بەرزترە.
According to the latest report published by The Rankine of Saiago for 2024، our college was able to maintain the second rank by 86 degrees in all dental schools in Iraq، which means that in 2023 when the college was ranked second، it was ranked 743rd globally. But in 2024 it ranked second with ranked Rankin 657 globally. So it’s a shame that we’re all proud of this science. We also extend our sincere congratulations to our teachers، employees and students، as this achievement has been achieved through your efforts.
Our plans for the future are much bigger and bigger.
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