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It is the largest department in the College of Dentistry and concerned with teaching the students of our college the construction of missing teeth for partially and completely edentulous patients.

Starting from the 2nd year in the college with Dental Materials, Complete Denture Prosthetics and laboratory steps of complete denture construction and studying dental materials that are used in Dentistry. Third year students study chrome cobalt removable partial dentures in the laboratory. Fourth- and Fifth-year students construct removable partial and complete dentures as requirements of their study in our Prosthodontic department clinics. Also, our clinics provide lots of free dental services to the community of Sulaimani Governorate.

Department Vision:


Department Mission:


Learning Outcomes:

On completion of BDS course of study, students must be able to:


  1. Instruct patients in an adequate oral hygiene regimen individually adapted to the actual prosthetic situation;
  2. Plan and perform standard removable complete and partial denture treatment;
  3. Perform jaw registration on patients with or without teeth/implants;
  4. Use an articulator to simulate jaw movements when making complete dentures;
  5. Identify the most frequently used implant systems by means of clinical inspection and x-ray images;
  6. Recognize pathological conditions and bone loss around an implant as well as predisposing factors;
  7. Recognize mechanical defects in and around  implant-supported prostheses;
  8. Instruct patients in an adequate oral hygiene regimen after treatment with implant-supported prostheses;
  9. Perform and complete clinically at least one single-tooth implant retained restoration in a patient.

Study Methods:

The method of study in the College of Dentistry depends on various tools such as lectures, practical sessions, clinical hospital, and community dentistry, case presentations, and reports. The assessment is achieved via mid-term exams, final exams, essays, OSCE, and reports.

The curriculum program complies with the Bologna process of Directives of the European Union. It consists of 10 semesters across five years of study. The study plan includes 300 ECTS over 5 years and 60 ECTS per year.


The language of academic teaching at the College of Dentistry is English.


The duration of study at the College of Dentistry is 5 academic years of full-time study.

Academic Staff:

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