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This Department specialized in offering different kinds of orthodontic treatment in both undergraduate and postgraduate level. In Academic point of view, the department focuses on several educational tools to provide most updated and standardized protocol in teaching orthodontic subject.

Department Vision:

Orthodontic education is one of the vital branches in the dentistry carrier and students particularly in undergraduate level should be familiarized with and educated in different treatment options available in this field. In postgraduate level parallel to the high quality orthodontic treatments, increase the academic ability of the student to deliver standardized research projects.

Department Mission:

Orthodontic department specialized in offering the community multiple orthodontic treatment options to the community. In addition raising the students’ knowledge, practice and academic abilities to cope with global demands in orthodontic education.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Identification of dental and skeletal malocclusions and its related classifications. In addition, learning etiological factors are causative factors in appearing in these classes.

2. Examination, diagnosis and treatment planning for different malocclusion types according to the growth and development of the patients. Also applying its related materials and biomechanics.

3. Management of some particular malocclusions and its related treatment. The scope of treatment is mostly related to removable orthodontic appliances, mayofuctional and orthopedic appliances. As well as management of those cases who needs interceptive orthodontic treatment.

4. Understanding the concept of each orthodontic treatment appliances and when to uses it to get the optimal results. Moreover, understanding the mechanics behind the action of the appliances using orthodontic Tyopdont waxing models.

5. Dealing with the developments and most updated technologies in the orthodontic field such as using intra oral scanners, 3D printing and knowing when and where to apply these devices.

6. Having wide range knowledge in orthodontics literature in relation to orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

Study Methods:



English Language


5 years study

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